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Vector Analytics provides predictive analytics that benchmark innovation and R&D activities, discovers emerging technology trends, and provides insight that organizations use to realign their product and technology development strategies and fine-tune their investment plans.

We are now certified for the Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program. This represents a unique opportunity for government agencies and corporations to utilize a WOSB for IT needs related to machine learning, data science, and predictive modeling/analytics. 

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Our Solutions

Benchmark Against Future Trends

 We can benchmark your R&D, technology, or product portfolio against a definition of your future market, your customer’s future technology goals, or the future direction of an industry sector. 

M&A Synergy Analysis

We quantify the synergistic value of a merger by comparing the R&D activities, technologies, and products of the M&A target with that of the acquiring organization.

Commercial Readiness

We are developing a system that assesses an organization’s technology or product portfolio and assigns a commercial readiness score to that portfolio.

Prediction of Emerging Technologies

 We are striving to predict where emerging technologies will appear in the white space of a technology landscape and what those emerging technologies will look like.  

Alignment of Defense Contractors' Innovation Strategies With US DOD RDT&E Plans


This report provides defense contractors with an assessment of how well their innovation and patenting strategy (and those of their competitors) matches the US DOD 5-year RDT&E plan.


Use this insight to realign R&D strategies with the DOD’s objectives, optimize technology development investments, and understand if competitors are out-investing your company in key DOD research areas.

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How we deliver

Software Engines and APIs

Multi-Client Reports and Tech Development Consortiums

Bespoke Reports and Custom Advising

Our clients

Data Driven SaaS Platforms

Corporate Clients

Financial Services Firms

Government and Military Organizations

Our Technology


Vector Analytics' predictive analytics are generated from software engines that leverage machine learning models and natural language processing (NLP) techniques. These models and NLP techniques are assembled in proprietary algorithmic pipelines to mine insight from large, unconnected sources of text and structured data. 

Vector Analytics' models and NLP techniques are disruptive; they are built upon the leading-edge intellectual property of our co-founders and the scholarly work of UNC Charlotte’s Text Analytics Lab.

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