Objectives of this Report:

This report provides defense contractors with an assessment of how well their innovation and patenting strategy (and those of their competitors) matches the US DOD 5-year RDT&E plan. Use this insight to realign R&D strategies with the DOD’s objectives, optimize technology development investments, and understand if competitors are out-investing your company in key DOD research areas.

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We utilize natural language processing techniques and machine learning models to distill R&D topics from the FY19 US DOD RDT&E budget request. These R&D topics will be mined from the 1,000 program elements described in the DOD’s budget justification books. We will then search for those R&D topics in the patent portfolios of leading defense contractors. 

Using a defense contractor’s patent portfolio as a proxy for their R&D strategy, our machine learning model allows us to quantitatively compare the DOD’s RDT&E initiatives to defense contractors strategy. We also parse out funding associated with the Future Years Defense Plan (FY20 to FY23) and can tell defense contractors how much DOD funding is associated with each R&D topic through FY23. Our methodology is described further in our PDF report brochure.

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