DIA - DOD RDT&E Budget Analysis on Machine Learning Steroids

What is DIA?

Our Defense Innovation Analytics (DIA) platform provides machine learning augmented analysis of the US DOD RDT&E budget, identifies SBIR and STTR awards aligned with budget initiatives, and has the capability for US and adversary benchmarking.

DIA uses machine learning models to uncover technologies implicit within the DOD's RDT&E plans. These implicit technologies enable the DOD's R&D roadmap.  

DIA is packaged in an interactive platform that leverages machine learning, natural language processing, and data visualization.

DIA uncovers US Defense funding that supports Ai.

How is DIA different from other federal budget analysis tools?


DIA uncovers technologies implicit to the DOD’s RDT&E budget and provides a matrix of technologies that lays over the DOD’s budget program elements.

Thus, a budget program element can be comprised of multiple implicit technologies.

For example, DARPA’s Gremlins program is a single program element or budget line in DARPA’s RDT&E budget, however DIA can proportion that single budget line into the program’s enabling technologies: AI and Unmanned Air Systems (UAS). 

US Advantage in Net centric command and control lies in silicon valley.

Why is DIA better than other budget analysis tools?


DIA distills the DOD RDT&E budget into the implicit technologies that are required to enable that budget.

DIA determines the amount of funding that supports an enabling technology without double counting budget line items or program elements.

DIA identifies every budget line item or program element that depends on an enabling, implicit technology for successful execution.

DIA identifies SBIR/STTR awards aligned with each technology and the small businesses conducting research in each enabling technology.

DIA can provide near-peer adversary benchmarking through patent and scholarly paper ingestion.

DIA highlights budget redundancies and overlap between services, leading to more effective use of total DOD funding.

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