Our Story

In 2015, during Marcia Price's first semester in the Data Science and Business Analytics graduate program at UNC Charlotte, she encountered Dr. Zadrozny as a professor. He introduced the class to natural language processing techniques. To state it simply, he showed the class how to write a computer program to read technical documents and distill insight from those documents. No longer did hundreds of pages of patents need to be read manually, to understand technology advancements in the production of high performance fibers or in military armor solutions. No longer did thousands of pages of US government budgets have to be read to understand the DOD's funding priorities.

From that day forward Marcia Price did two things at UNC Charlotte. First, she replaced every elective she could with independent studies under the advisement of Dr. Zadrozny. Second, she used technical documents or patents as a data source for every possible class project. She talked a nurse into looking at the exoskeleton technology domain in a visual analytics class. She convinced an accountant to explore the technological diversity of patents in a cloud computing class. She took every opportunity while completing her degree at UNC Charlotte to explore natural language processing techniques and unstructured technical datasets.

Upon graduation, Dr. Zadrozny and Marcia Price co-founded Vector Analytics, as they both see an opportunity not well served by others: the opportunity to build software engines that provide predictive analytics focused on innovation, technology, and product benchmarking and discovery.

Photo: Queen’s Table dedicated the sculpture “Ainsa III” by artist Jaume Plensa at UNC Charlotte Center City on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2015.

Our Team

Marcia Price


Marcia Price (co-founder and CEO) is an established entrepreneur, data scientist, and market researcher. Ms. Price excels at developing and communicating actionable business intelligence. Her previous firm, Vector Strategy, provided military market and technology forecasts to organizations such as BAE Systems, Honeywell, DuPont, Owens Corning, and the US DOD. While pursuing a Masters in Data Science at UNC Charlotte, she developed an impassioned interest in predictive innovation analytics.

Dr. Wlodek Zadrozny


Dr. Wlodek Zadrozny (co-founder and Chief Research Scientist) joined the faculty of UNC Charlotte in 2013, after a 27-year career at IBM TJ Watson Research Center.  His research focuses on natural language understanding and its applications in business. As an IBM scientist, he led and contributed to a range of projects that included semantic search application, natural language systems, and the original Watson project, the Jeopardy! playing machine. He has authored over 100 refereed papers and patents.


Spring/Summer 2018 Internships and/or 1099 SubContractor Positions

We are currently recruiting for Spring and Summer 2018 interns, and are interested in working with students looking to fulfill their DSBA internship requirements at UNC Charlotte or who are engaged in the Masters of Computer Science program. We are also looking for subcontractors who have the following qualifications:

  • Individual should have a firm understanding of Python (an example/demo of executable code may be required).
  • It is expected that individual is familiar with converting PDF and XML data to text, and cleaning and pre-processing text prior to model ingestion.
  • Individual must be familiar, i.e. have experience, using Python packages that address text analysis, topic modeling, and text clustering.
  • Experience with patent data and other scientific document corpora is a plus.
  • Understanding model performance and diagnostic statistics is a plus.
  • Understanding and previous deployment of word2vec or other vector representation of text is a plus.

Interested candidates may communicate their interest by sending a cover letter or well structured email describing their abilities to mprice@vector-analytics.com. In addition, please include a resume/CV.