Our Technology

Our software solutions and tools leverage machine learning models and natural language processing (NLP) techniques assembled in proprietary algorithmic pipelines to fuse data and mine insight from large, unconnected sources of unstructured data (such as text) and structured data. 

Our models and NLP techniques are disruptive; they are built upon our leading-edge intellectual property and the scholarly work of the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s Text Analytics Lab, Visualization Lab, and Network Analytics and Social Computing Lab. 

Vector Analytics has filed patent applications for two of our algorithmic pipelines that deliver AI augmented scientometrics. (Information available upon request.)

How We Are Different



Vector Analytics is a Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) certified for Federal Contracting Programs. This represents a unique opportunity for government agencies and corporations to utilize a WOSB for solutions and services related to machine learning and data science.



Our software solutions and tools fuse data elements of intelligence gathered from multiple, disconnected, unstructured, big datasets. Most other commercially available solutions offer scientometrics based on a dataset in singularly.



Vector Analytics is distinct from our competition because we do two things. First, we develop leading edge NLP and machine learning techniques. Second, we deploy those techniques in our solutions and tools.  Most other commercially available solutions deploy legacy NLP and machine learning techniques.