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Benchmarking Against Future Trends

We can benchmark your R&D, technology, or product portfolio against a definition of your future market, your customer’s future technology goals, or the future direction of an industry sector. And we quantitatively assess how well you (and your competitors) are aligning with that future market definition. Other firms just assess a company’s current patent portfolio against competitors’ current patent portfolio. We provide analytics that show you how to realign your R&D, product, and technology strategies and funding to match future trends.  

M&A Synergy Analysis

We quantify the synergistic value of a merger by comparing the R&D activities, technologies, and products of the M&A target with that of the acquiring organization. Our M&A synergy analysis uses natural language processing techniques to mine the technology concepts from each organizations’ internal R&D project descriptions, patent portfolios, and technology and product descriptions. We then overlay the two sets of technology concepts to determine where the two organizations overlap and where the merger would provide an expanded technology and product portfolio. Other firms conduct this analysis based on patent technology codes or keywords. Our solution provides a more relevant and meaningful analysis of a merger’s synergistic value.

Commercial Readiness

We are developing a system that assesses an organization’s technology or product portfolio and assigns a commercial readiness score to that portfolio. The system uses multiple datasets (scholarly/technical papers, patents, SBIR/STTR awards, company press releases, etc.) to develop commercial readiness scores for an overall technology and its sub-technologies. It will identify the industry sector the technology or product is most similar to and benchmarks the technology or product against that industry sector. Technologists will use the system to determine if their technology is maturing at the rate expected, which sub-technologies may require additional funding to keep pace, and how their technology’s commercial readiness compares to similar industry sectors.

Prediction of Emerging Technologies

We are striving to predict where emerging technologies will appear in the white space of a technology landscape and what those emerging technologies will look like. This is accomplished by building machine learning models that train on patterns of past emerging technologies. We are just starting to work in this exciting field and if you are interested in helping us explore it, please contact us. Note: today other firms are just detecting emerging technologies that have already appeared. We are striving to predict where emerging technologies will happen before it occurs. 

How We Deliver

Software Engines and Application Program Interfaces (APIs)


Our solutions can be packaged into fully supported software engines that you incorporate into your platform or as an API that we maintain but your platform accesses. We support the deployment of our solutions both within commercial SaaS platforms and enterprise internal (self-use) platforms. 

Multi-Client Reports and Technology Development Consortiums


By consolidating interest and funding from multiple organizations, both industry and government, we develop new software engines and machine learning models that deliver predictive analytics about innovation, R&D, and product and technology development. Early Research Investors get access to beta versions of our solutions and have the opportunity to shape specific deliverables. 

Bespoke Reports and Custom Advising


Perhaps your organization has unique requirements for innovation and technology related analytics. Or you’d like to incorporate proprietary information, such as descriptions of your internal research and development (IRAD) projects or your product development initiatives, into our solutions. We can do that; contact us today.

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Our Clients

Data Driven SaaS Platforms


SaaS platforms that offer access and insight into large unstructured datasets are key users of our solutions. If your SaaS platform sits on top of unstructured data such as scholarly journals, news articles, corporate filings, patents, or government data, you should add our analytics to your platform via a license to our software engines and APIs. 

Corporate Clients


It’s important for corporate clients in tech heavy industry sectors to understand how well their R&D, innovation, technology, and product development strategies are aligning with future market needs and if they are out-pacing their competitors’ technology advancements. Let us bring you the next generation of predictive innovation analytics.

Financial Services Firms


Our analytics help stock brokerages, investment firms, and M&A specialists determine the value of the companies they invest in and upon which they offer investment advice. Our analytics are essential when assessing companies whose value is closely tied to product and technology development activities, innovation, and intellectual property. 

Government and Military Organizations


Military technologists, program managers, and research labs use our analytics to assess the commercial readiness of their technology and programs, understand if the sub-systems of their programs under development are progressing concurrently, and understand if their industry partners are investing in R&D and technology development that aligns with military goals.