Our Solutions


AI Augmented Scientometrics

We use leading edge natural language processing techniques and machine learning models to execute data fusion of scientific, technical, and other big datasets to develop insights, identify trends, and conduct impact assessments in science, technology, R&D, innovation, and commercialization.


DOD R&D Budget Analysis on AI Steroids

Defense Innovation Analysis (AKA "DIA") is a machine learning/AI augmented platform for US DOD RDT&E budget analysis. DIA identifies SBIR/STTR awards aligned to each DOD R&D project and has the capability to provide US and adversary benchmarking through the ingestion of patents and scholarly journals.

DIA is DOD budget analysis on AI steroids!

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How We Deliver

Software Tools and Solutions



Our solutions can be packaged into fully supported software engines that can be incorporated into your platform, accessed via an API, or deployed in an analytics platform like Tableau or Kibana. We can also develop a custom deployment if you'd like our solution to ingest proprietary information.

Multi-Client Reports



By consolidating interest and funding from multiple organizations, we develop reports  that deliver insight on innovation, R&D, and technology in specific market sectors more cost effectively than if any one organization funded the analysis on their own. 

Bespoke Reports and Custom Advising



Perhaps your organization has unique requirements for innovation and technology related analytics? Or you’d like to incorporate proprietary information, such as descriptions of your internal research and development (IRAD) projects or your product development initiatives, into our solutions? We can do that; contact us today.

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Our Clients

SaaS Platforms That Thrive on Data



SaaS platforms that offer access and insight into large unstructured datasets are key users of our solutions. If your SaaS platform sits on top of unstructured data such as scholarly journals, news articles, corporate filings, patents, or government data, you should add our data fusion solutions and scientometrics to your platform via a license to our software engines and APIs. 

Corporate Clients



It’s important for corporate clients in tech heavy industry sectors to understand how well their R&D, innovation, technology, and product development strategies are aligning with future market needs and if they are out-pacing their competitors’ technology advancements. Let us bring you the next generation of scientometrics.

Consulting Firms



Our solutions help consulting firms, investment firms, and M&A specialists determine the value of the companies they invest in and upon which they offer investment advice. Our scientometrics are essential when assessing companies whose value is closely tied to product and technology development activities, innovation, and intellectual property. And our solutions can be incorporated into in-house SaaS platforms that many big ten consulting firms maintain and leverage to deliver client value.

Government and Military Organizations



Military technologists, program managers, and research labs use our solutions to understand if their programs are aligned with overall technology roadmaps, to determine if SBIR/STTR awards are being leveraged to advance their program, to conduct impact assessments, to understand if industry partners are investing in R&D and technology development that aligns with military goals, and to conduct adversary assessments of technology.